About CJ the DJ
About CJ the DJ
CJ on the move

Being born of Italian heritage, CJ Chimenti's exposure to and love of music began in infancy. Growing up in New York listening to classical music and then the Rock and Roll of the 50s and 60s made him well rounded musically. CJ later joined the Air Force and while serving overseas, learned to play guitar and discovered his outlet. From the playing of his first song, his passion for music continued to grow.

CJ the DJ is not just a DJ. Starting off as a musician, guitarist / vocalist, he worked in several bands and as a solo performer in New York, Los Angeles and Ventura County. CJ is also a published singer/songwriter. His works have been used for a TV special and radio play.

After working in several clubs throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, in the early 80s CJ decided to go a different route, Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies. This singer/songwriter now combines the impact and intimacy of live music with the versatility of a DJ to make any event memorable. He will play live through cocktails and dinner and start spinning discs for the dance portion of the event.

If you've had to put on an event of any size lately, you would have an idea of how much work goes into the planning. Having performed at and planned hundreds of weddings, parties and fund raisers CJ knows how to make your event flow from the layout of the room, timing of toasts, introductions, food service, and music selection, for the best possible enjoyment for all your guests. His professional musical experience coupled with his love of music makes him one of Ventura County's top DJs.